Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Upcoming Events

I have two events coming up this fall that I am really excited about. The first is a five or six-band festival on Halloween. This should be very interesting since I have no idea what kind of gear will be available. But I'm very excited about the chance to work with a few bands. These fests are very exciting and stressful all at the same time.

In November I'm mixing for a fairly well known Christian artist at a church in Little Rock. I'm very excited about the chance to work for a pro on a pro rig. We're renting gear from Just Sound in Little Rock so the only barrier will likely be the interface between my ears and the equipment :-)

I hope that my work will be a blessing to everyone involved in these events.

I'm planning now for a recording project for some of my own music. Many songs from the Ash Wednesday days were never recorded well. I need to put some thought into how I can squeeze that into my schedule. In the meantime I'd love to pick up a couple of recording projects or events if you have need for sound this fall. Contact me at if you need my help.

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