Friday, September 25, 2009

Fat Tuesday What?

Most musicians can recall some magical moments when things just click. The name "Fat Tuesday Audio" was born out of one of those moments. In college I was part of a band called Ash Wednesday. We practiced on Tuesday nights in what could loosely be called an "apartment" in downtown Conway, AR. In one of our first practices we played for several hours and created what became about five or six of the songs we played. Thankfully, we had the presence of mind to record it all on a 4-track cassette recorder. On one of those recordings someone wrote "Recorded at Fat Tuesday Studios".

I've always had some interest in the technical side of the music business. As I transitioned from being a player to being a mixer the name "Fat Tuesday" stuck. I've toyed around with several different names. This one seems to have some longevity and it reminds me of where I came from and what I am doing this for. I have had some difficulty deciding what the third word of the name will be. I've switched around between "Fat Tuesday Audio", "Fat Tuesday Productions", "Fat Tuesday Sound" and others. My current favorite is "Fat Tuesday Music". I'll explain more about that in a future post. But for now I want to focus on the fact that I am more of an artist than a technician. I'm not nearly as interested in being in the "sound" business as I am in being in the "music" business. With that in mind I intend to run things a bit different than many sound companies. For now, this site will be a collection of my musical activities. We'll see where it goes from here. Thanks for listening to my megaphone!

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