Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More StudioLive Observations

Since my 3-part StudioLive review I've made some further observations I'd like to note here:

  • I'm using the 1st edition 16-channel version. Keep that in mind as you read my thoughts. The 24 channel version has fully-parametric channel EQs and more graphic EQ options.
  • I'm getting more accustomed to the navigation. It's becoming more second-nature as time goes on. That is to be expected. Even bad usability improves with repetitive use and I wouldn't classify the StudioLive as "bad usability."
  • The "target gain" method has improved my experience with preamp headroom. I still feel like it could use some more headroom, but it gets the job done. Plus I still need to work on the target gain method. I'm not sure whether I like it yet or not.
  • The other week I used the graphic EQ. I preferred editing it from the control panel software, but the software crashed every time I tried to edit the EQ. It crashed gracefully in that it did not mess up or lose the settings on the board, but it did crash. I ended up using the Fat Channel knobs to edit the EQ and I'm not particularly fond of the way that works.
  • I'm a Mac guy and I'm not having any firewire issues. I just plug it in and it works. I've heard from several Windows users who have had firewire issues. I'm a bit worried about the future of the firewire interface on the Mac. For that matter, I'm a bit worried about the future of a lot of stuff on the Mac. But that's a post for another day :-)
  • The firewire connectivity issues I had early on have disappeared. The firmware upgrade must've fixed them.

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